Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Are A Leading Cause of Injury.

Are You One of the 1 Million People Who Experience A Slip, Trip, or Fall Each Year? One Life Wellness can help you recover from the trauma your body suffers when you fall, trauma that can include

  • Impact injury to your spine, joints, muscles, and ligaments;
  • Spinal misalignment;
  • Nervous system signal interruption;
  • Pain.

Our practitioners can help relieve pain and improve mobility following a slip, trip, or fall by correcting misalignments and reducing interruption along the nervous system helping the body to heal.

When it comes to slips, trips, and falls, it isn’t just rehabilitation. The healthcare specialists at One Life Wellness can help you prevent future injuries from occurring. Learning safe ways to keep your body healthy and strong can help you avoid injuries.
If you’ve experienced a slip, trip, or a fall book your initial consultation with One Life Wellness today. Why suffer any longer?


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