Massage Therapy (RMT)

Get A Good Night’s Sleep And More With Massage Therapy.

Research shows massage therapy can help reduce or eliminate stress, reduce pain, and even improve your general immune function. Additionally, because massage therapy promotes overall body healing, it has been used successfully to treat other conditions including insomnia and anxiety.

Massage therapy involves hands-on manipulation of the body to treat its soft tissues and joints.  Along with treatment of current conditions and disorders, massage therapy is also used to prevent new injuries from occurring.

Your One Life Wellness massage therapist can help treat acute issues as well as more complex, chronic disorders and conditions such as:

  • Neck, jaw, or back pain issues;
  • Muscle and joint tension or pain;
  • Improve and increase restricted range of motion;
  • Headaches, blurry vision;
  • Improve posture;
  • Reduce anxiety and stress;
  • Sports injuries;
  • Lymphatic drainage.

Massage therapy is also an excellent tool to improve overall well-being if you are recovering from a lengthy illness or injury.

Feeling stressed? Anxious? Overworked? Book your massage today and start feeling better.


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