Fire Cupping Therapy

Alternative medicine provided by our RMTs'

Cupping therapy may have been made popular after seeing Michael Phelp’s shoulders during the Olympics, but this ancient form of alternative medicine dates to 1550 B.C, with origins in European, Middle Eastern, and Asia.
Cupping therapy is used to alleviate pain, muscle tensions, spams, all the while helping blood circulation, loosening the muscles, removing toxins, and inducing relaxation.
During cupping therapy, a therapist will place special cups on the skin (upside down, with the opening against the skin) for a few minutes to create suction. At One Life Wellness Centre, a method referred to as “fire cupping” is used. During your session, an alcohol-soaked cotton ball is lit on fire, placed inside the cup, and then removed. When the cotton ball is taken out of the cup, it produces a vacuum for a few seconds and the cups are placed on the skin. Typically, cupping is used on the back and shoulders but may be used on the lower/upper legs. When the cups are placed on the skin, it increases blood circulation to the sore muscles, allowing the area to heal, and provide pain relief by stimulating the nerves.

  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Poor circulation
  • Scar tissue build-up
  • Reduce cellulite

Most patients find cupping therapy to be relaxing and calming much like a massage. For this reason, a healthy person can also enjoy it as a relaxation treatment.


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